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Saddle Up Wine Tours

          Tom Joyce is a professional equine farrier from Ireland whose competitive pricing and expert skill allow him to efficiently care for your horses' farrier needs without sacrificing quality.  As out official farrier Mike has had to handle some of our dangerous, untrusting horses that have come to the ranch from abusive situations.  Often times, due to the severe neglect some of the horses have saved, it is difficult to start their training until their hoof issues are handled.  This means that Mike is sometimes the first one to handle or gentle the horse.  Luckily for us, he has a natural gift that allows him to gain the horse's trust.  

          Tom is the go to farrier for rescues and sport horses in the area.  It is common for rescue horses to come in with a variety of issues requiring corrective shoeing.  For example, we have a horse with navicular that is no longer lame due to Tom's abilities and is now back to trail riding without pain.  

          Tom also tends to many of the large show and competitive barns in the area for disciplines from dressage and jumping, to reigning and barrel racing.  He guarantees his work and has never let us down.  Give him a call and he will work wonders for you too!  Tom can be reached at (323) 605-7317

Tom Joyce  ----  Farrier

Jennifer Hirschler  ----  Guide & Instructor

​     Jennifer is from small town Big Bear, California and began riding with friends in middle school.  She got hooked!  She grew up riding treacherous mountain trails, so the trails of the Temecula Valley are a piece of cake for her.  Upon moving away for college, she needed her horse "fix" and came to Saddle Up Wine Tours to get it!  

     Initially she was interested in leasing a horse, but as soon as we saw her ride we asked her to join our staff and are very happy she did!  She is our beginner and intermediate Western and English instructor and is a fun and entertaining guide.  Jenn has recently graduated from exercising and conditioning our horses to being our apprentice trainer in charge of ground training all of our young and green horses and assisting TJ in training our horses under saddle.  We are very excited that she has also began to compete in endurance riding and wish her luck in the upcoming 2016 season.  

     Jenn is currently attending California State University and will graduate in May 2016 with a Bachelor's in Nursing.  This comes in handy at the ranch as Nurse Jenn is a great help to our rescue horses!        

          Adam is Texas born and raised with family connections to many different Texas ranches.  His family had everything from chickens to hogs, cows, goats and horses and Adam has always been drawn to the country life over the city.  He graduated from Texas A&M in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism.  Adam followed his passion of surfing out to California and has extensive experience with children of all ages due to his status as a professional surf instructor as well as his work in the education system in San Diego, California.  

            Adam initially started doing consulting services for Saddle Up Wine Tours and quickly fell in love with the beautiful Temecula wine country and the horses at Saddle Up.  We were quite pleased when he joined us as a guide and began teaching beginner horse back riding lessons.  His extensive experience with children make him a great fit for teaching our beginner children's lessons. 

     Even though Adam still lives by the beach, we welcome him back to the country way of life.  Who says you can't have the best of both worlds!

Adam Stehling  ----  Guide

          Hailing from San Antonio  Texas, I come from a long line of ranchers and cowboys and owe my love of horses to my dad. Growing up I learned that every horse has value and purpose, just like us humans.  I was helping the lead ranch hand gentle green horses by the age of 8 and continued riding through high school, earning enough experience to walk on the United States Air Force Academy Equestrian Team where I became their senior apprentice trainer.  Under the guidance of equine great Billy Jack Barrett, I was introduced to working with wild Mustangs that had never been touched by a human hand and learned how to gentle horses that people deemed as dangerous and unsaveable.

          This fueled my passion for saving abused, neglected and abandoned horses and taking unwanted "worthless" horses and turning them into competitive show mounts.  I enjoy racing horses and jumping and am thankful for my invitation to professionally race in Ecuador on my quest to make the national team. I hope this opportunity gains awareness for our cause here at Saddle Up and for horses in need everywhere! If you have a horse that noone can ride, send them my way and I'll show you how you can harness their beautiful spirit, without breaking it!


Our Professional Staff

          We come from varied backgrounds and walks of life in order to give you a well rounded team of instructors, trainers and guides.  We strive to deliver outstanding customer service and make you feel like you are a part of us here at Saddle Up.  We will share our knowledge and passion for equines of all ages, breeds and disciplines.  We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our beautiful equine friends!

Jacqueline "TJ " Davis  ----  President