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Saddle Up Wine Tours

     Have you ever wanted to train your own horse or do you want to be a horseback riding instructor?   We can teach you how to teach others!   We can also teach you how to train young, green and untrained horses.  You will not find this type of lesson at most other facilities.  This experience is highly specialized and you will be paired with our subject matter expert, TJ Davis.



     Have you ever wondered what life is like on a ranch?  We invite to experience the day to day activities of our ranch hands and trainers.  Don't worry, you won't have to clean up horse manure!  You'll get to work one on one with one of our horses in training and see the process we use to take a scared and untrusting horse and teach them them to safely carry beginner riders on our adventures!


   Once you have experienced our lesson program and learned to catch and saddle one of our lesson horses, you'll get to come in for discounted practice sessions!  During these sessions, you get to practice anything from your lessons.  A staff member will be at the ranch in order to be available to answer any questions; but you'll have plenty of private practice time.


Practice Session


Learn to Train


Ranch Hand Experience $40

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  We tailor our program to suit your needs!

​-     Beginners to advanced          -     Children to adults            -     Casual riders or serious  

-     Multiple breeds of horses          -     English or Western          -     Jumping, Barrel Racing etc!

Group Lesson $50

     One on one time with an instructor of your choice will help you learn at a faster pace and give you specific technical skills that you can utilize in practice sessions or to help you advance to our show team!  

     Private lessons offer you the opportunity to begin specialized training in a discipline of your choice. 

     Group lessons are great preparation for your upcoming show!  They replicate the conditions you will have in the flat classes with having multiple horses and riders in the ring at the same time which can intimidate both riders and horses.  Group lessons can also be a good way to learn in a fun, relaxed environment.

     This is the best deal in SoCal!  This lesson lasts for an UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME where you get to ride 3-4 different horses that are saddled with different types of saddles.  By the end of the lesson we hope that you have a good idea of the type of horse, riding and instructor you may enjoy.  After this lesson you will progress to our private or group lessons!



Private Lesson


Intro Lesson